The Candy Rat

The Candy Rat

A Halloween Tradition

A children’s picture book that captures the spirit of Halloween with story and drawings that elicit the scare children seek during the Halloween season.

A young boy asks his parents

Will the Candy RAT get my Halloween Candy this Year?

The Rat is on the prowl for Halloween Candy. A boy and his sister know the rat is near. Will the children be able to keep their candy from the rat? Is it their job to protect their Candy? Will they find ways to keep the RAT from taking it? Who will win?

Author and Illustrator Bios

The story of the Candy Rat is a Family Tradition

Originally created out of the imagination of the author’s mother. Out of a desire to minimize her son’s sugar consumption, she formed the RAT fantasy has a way to rid their horde of Halloween candy.

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The Candy Rat

Children’s picture book focused on building children’s confidence through imagination, free expression, tolerance and curiosity of the unknown.